Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Martial Arts Class located in the City of Rocklin, CA

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Koryukan Jujitsu School - Rocklin, CA

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Martial Arts Class located in the City of Rocklin, CA

Esoteric Principles
Healing Arts

This list was a general self-defense course for any one who did not wish to become a fuly trained marial artist.




1 Escape and hold from outside wrist grip
2 Escape and hold from an inside wrist grip
3 Escape and elbow strike from double wrist grip
4 Double arm break from front strangle
5 Knee takedown from chest push
6 Escape and leg kick from armbar
7 Backward thumb flex from handshake
8 Forward thumb flex from handshake
9 Thumb control from handshake
10 Escape from full nelson
11 Seoi Nage, strike from rear bear hug
12 Nerve escape from front bear hug, arms free
13 Head butt, knee strike from front bear hug, arms pinned
14 Dakikubi from a double punch
15 Shoulder lock taking head to mat from punch
16 Kotemaki Tori from an overhead club, finish with O Soto Gari
17 Ichi Monji against a wall
18 Wrap arm, strike, sweep and bar on ground from punch
19 Wrap arm, hammerlock and choke
20 Arm bar on your shoulder from punch
21 Arm break, whip from handshake
22 Throw O Goshi, sit and break arm
23 Throw O Goshi from armbar across waist
24 Legbar takedown, apply Komi Iri
25 Choke from Seoi Nage, drop on head
26 Throw Makikomi, break arm from overhead club strike


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